Admission to Love Inside-Out Montessori


Our crèche incorporates an outdoor play area that compliments the indoor learning experience, as it allows the children to explore and experience the natural world. These spaces are colorful, age appropriate, expertly designed and safe for exploration.
Our crèche is open to children from 4 months.
Parents are invited to visit the school, meet the crèche manager for enquires.


All our Pre-school programs are for children between the ages of eighteen months and five years old and are housed within school premises in a beautiful learning environment. Each group room adheres to the traditional layout of the Montessori classroom allowing children to have a wonderful learning environment and to choose freely from the learning materials as they wish. The Pre-school environments are spacious, allowing children great freedom and mobility. Our focus is on, though not limited to six core areas of learning: Language, practical life, mathematical, cultural, creative and sensorial development.
Our aim is to bring the best out in each child – to fulfill his/her potential both in academic and human terms. In the classroom, the children are guided in their learning by trained Montessori teachers, who encourage a wide range of subjects but the children remain free to work at their own pace. The result is that Agape Montessori’s children are renowned for their confidence, independence, success and being agents of change in their world.
On your visit to Agape Montessori School, you will find a friendly community of teachers, staff, parents and pupils. We encourage parents and friends of Agape Montessori to get involved in all aspects of school life, and many of them end up supporting and creating fun from events like sports, father’s day, mother’s day etc.


We build on the firm experience of pre-school which is constantly reviewed with an aim to exposing the children to more challenging work across all areas of the curriculum. In outlook, it is a blend of curricula that are widely accepted and employed in educational sectors. Class sizes are in small groups of 15 children. This makes implementation of individualized educational learning plan possible and easy. Children who need learning reinforcement or who are exceptional in their abilities and need to be challenged further benefit greatly from this plan.


For admission into primary one, the child must
  • Be five years old
  • pass a written test
  • pass an oral interview
For admission into higher classes
  • the child must be successful at an entrance examination
  • Present reports from the former school
  • Be the right age for the class for which admission is being sought.


This will depend on
  • Availability of space
  • Discretion of the examination board
A guide to settle in can be found in the starter pack called information for parents.

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